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Tuner radio NAD C 427

  • Pret: 1.890 RON
  • Pret fara TVA: 1.588 RON
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Descriere Tuner radio NAD C 427

Tuner radio NAD C 427 - Tunere radio - NAD

Tuner radio NAD C 427

There’s nothing worse than bad reception when it comes to listening to radio. The harsh crackling sound of static can ruin the most sophisticated of systems, ultimately turning listeners away from the nearly 100-year-old medium. Thankfully, NAD has created a solution that will adequately deliver quality reception. With 40 presets available to program your favourite radio stations, the C 427 makes listening to the radio both smooth and efficient. When scanning through different stations, the C 427’s Auto Search will automatically stop at the strongest radio signal it encounters, while still providing the option of tuning weaker stations manually. Furthermore, the FM Mute feature removes inter-station noise, allowing only the strongest and clearest stations to come through. While keeping track of what stations you’ve programmed can be tricky, the C 427 actually stores all preset information, even if it has been unplugged. With great reception and ease of use, the C 427 heightens all the things that make radio great, resulting in a gratifying experience.

  •     RDS PS (Station name) and RT (Radio text)
  •     40 Station random presets (AM or FM)
  •     VFL graphic display
  •     MOS-FET RF Front End
  •     RS-232 Interface
  •     IR Input
  •     NAD Full Function Remote Control
  •     <0.5W Standby power consumption

Specificatii Tehnice pentru Tuner radio NAD C 427
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Alte caracteristici

FM Tuner

  •     Usable Sensitivity (98MHz)    10dBμV
  •     Signal/Noise Ratio
  •     65dB (60dBμV IHF-WTD Mono)
  •     60dB (60dBμV IHF-WTD Stereo)
  •     Frequency Response    ±1.5dB (20Hz – 15kHz, 60dBμV)
  •     Channel Separation (60dBμV) 30Hz    33dB
  •     1kHz    40dB
  •     10kHz    32dB
  •     Capture Ratio (40dBµV)    3dB
  •     AM Suppression    50dB (60dBμV, 100% Mod. FM, 30% Mod. AM)
  •     Image Rejection (119.4MHz)    70dB
  •     I.F. Rejection (10.7MHz)    70dB
  •     Pilot Suppression (60dBμV)    60dB
  •     Total Harmonic Distortion Mono    0.4%
  •     Stereo    0.8%
  •     Auto Search Sensitivity    24dBμV
  •     RDS Decode Sensitivity    26dBμV

AM Tuner

  •     Usable Sensitivity (999/1000kHz)    55dBµV
  •     Signal/Noise Ratio (5mV in)    42dB
  •     Total Harmonic Distortion (5mV in)    1.5%
  •     IF Rejection (450kHz)    40dB
  •     Image Rejection (F+2xIF)    28dB
  •     Selectivity    20dB
  •     Loop Sensitivity (20dB S/N) 999/1000Hz    66dB
  •     603/300Hz    66dB
  •     1404/1400Hz    66dB


  •     Standby power:     <0.5W
  •     Unit Dimension (WxHxD) – Gross    435 x 99 x 315mm
  •     Net weight    4.6kg (10.1lb)
  •     Shipping weight    5.4kg (11.9lb)

Greutate colet: 5.30kg
Dimensiuni: 43.50cm X 8.70cm X 31.20cm
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