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Convertor Digital / Analog Densen DenDac50

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Densen Audio

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Descriere Convertor Digital / Analog Densen DenDac50

Convertor Digital / Analog Densen DenDac50 - Home audio - Densen Audio

Convertor Digital / Analog Densen DenDac50

Finally, a Densen stand alone DAC. But actually not the first Densen DAC. In 1994, Densen designed the first Densen DAC for one of our colegues in the audio industry.

Since then, Densens CD Players has gained a strong reputation, and naturally they contain DA Converters.

Compared to the markets other DACs the DenDAC 50 is in many ways a new implementation of DACs. First, besides the DAC it contains an advanced analogue preamp. Most DACs would use a digital volume control to adjust the sound level. But Densen opted for the use of a analogue preamp, because of its superiour resolution and low sound levels. And after all, most people listen at low levels most of the time.

The DenDAC 50 contains USB input, 2 COAX inputs, 2 Toslink inputs, and a extra input that can be used to update the digital inputs in the future. Thereby securing that the DenDAC is not obsolete when new standards arise.

There are 3 analogue inputs using RCA connectors that are goldplated. Also there is 2 outputs, one direct from the DAC, and one direct from DAC with analogue volumen adjustment.

The USB input is done using a XMOS chipset, that secures perfect data transfer of audio. The Toslink and COAX inputs are implemented with the same care.

As usual for Densen, there has been strong attention on the powersupply. DenDAC 50 contains seperate powersupplies for both analogue and digital stages, and no less than 50.000 UF and 14 individual voltage regulators, to secure that all circuits are working perfect, without interference from each other.

The DAC chip is encapsulated to avoid interference. The analogue stage is made as a Class A analogue stage, designed used metalfilm resistors and fast transistors.

soundwise, the DenDAC 50 has all the hallmarks of a Densen design. Transparency, details, perfect soundstage, dynamics and musicallity in spades. As such, DenDAC 50 is designed to be the heart of every serious audiophiles system for many years to come.

The DenDAC 50 comes complete with driver software on USB stick.
Specificatii Tehnice pentru Convertor Digital / Analog Densen DenDac50
Alte caracteristici

Digital Inputs:

  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 2 Toslink

Analogue Inputs: 3 Line inputs using RCA


  • 1 Fixed output direct from DAC.
  • 1 Variable output from DAC/Preamp

Storage capacity: 50.000uF

Powersupply: 2 x 90VA Toroid transformer.

Weight/shippingweight: 14/15 Kg

Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm

Greutate colet: 15.00kg
Dimensiuni: 31.00cm X 44.00cm X 6.40cm

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