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Descriere Dac NAD WiFi USB DAC 1

Dac NAD WiFi USB DAC 1 - Arhiva produse - NAD

Computer music meets hi-fi sound. That’s what the DAC 1 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter is all about. Our super simple and fun solution lets you listen to any music stored on or streamed to your computer on your high performance NAD hi-fi system. Point-to-point wireless technology means you can just plug in the two-piece DAC 1 and start enjoying computer audio with the least amount of fuss.

Anything your computer can do, we can do better.
You no longer have to pick your computer over your audio system when it comes to listening to your favourite digital tunes, Internet radio, or cloud services like Spotify, Pandora,, and MOG. Spoil yourself with better sound quality and more control over your music choices.
Look ma, no Wi-Fi!
You don’t need a Wi-Fi network to use the DAC 1 with its point-to-point wireless technology, which features the full audio bandwidth and remains uncompressed to maintain sound quality. Simply plug the DAC 1’s Transmitter into your computer’s USB port and it becomes a sound card that transmits audio to your hi-fi system.
Musical Sound
To achieve the best possible sound, the Transmitter digitally transmits the audio from your Mac or PC to the DAC 1 Receiver, which then converts the digital signal to analogue using premium Burr-Brown OPAmps and 24/192 DAC with selected passive components in a proprietary circuit. There is also a coax digital output that allows downstream digital processing.
Quality and Affordability
Our attention to detail and use of premium parts in the DAC 1 represents unusually good value. The DAC 1 is an easy economical option that doesn’t compromise our incredibly musical sound and promises to boost your enjoyment of your existing component system. The DAC 1 brings a whole new world of musical experience and choice to your hi-fi experience.

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